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TankSure Program

Sono Energy is now providing a valuable and unique service: the TankSure® Program. With this industry breakthrough program, we can monitor and test your above-ground oil tank with our new ultrasonic testing equipment and tank analysis software. For qualified tanks, we provide a $1,000 credit toward your tank replacement. Most importantly, we can inspect your tank each year and determine when it should be replaced BEFORE it leaks.

Proactive $1,000 Replacement Warranty

At Sono Energy, we appreciate your business, which is why we are offering this new, important service. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our $1,000 proactive tank replacement warranty and our tank analysis process.

  • Warranty covers $1,000 toward the replacement of your tank.
  • Proactive replacement of tanks before they leak.
  • Helps protect the environment.
  • Reduces unexpected costs.

Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Trained personnel use ultrasonic equipment to test the thickness of your tank.
  • Ultrasonic equipment (similar to that used in the medical profession) detects the level of corrosion inside your tank.

Scientific Analysis & Monitoring

  • Your tank’s thickness measurements, physical characteristics, and surrounding environment will be analyzed with our state-of-the-art Tank Profiling Software.
  • Tank information is analyzed for proactive replacement of individual tanks when they fall below the standard index.

Corrosion Protection Agent

  • Proactively fights deterioration of your tank.
  • Extends the lifespan of your tank (acts as a magnet or sponge for corrosive forces).
  • Works similarly to zinc protection used in water heaters and the marine industry.

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