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Energy Efficiency

Whether you are purchasing a new home or upgrading your current system, high efficiency heating equipment is a smart choice. Energy efficient appliances may cost more initially, but they bring returns through lowered utility bills. Look for Energy Star appliances, which meet rigorous efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Another source of information is the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) website. The CEE is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging businesses and industry leaders to produce and sell high efficiency appliances.

What You Should Know

If you are looking for a heat pump or air conditioner, also check out the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the heat pump.

Just as important as the efficiency rating of your equipment is that it is properly sized and installed, which is why it is imperative that a certified technician install and maintain your heating system. Besides saving you money, an energy efficient heating system releases less pollution and benefits the environment and it is a smart, progressive investment.

The EnergyStar website contains dozens of useful recommendations and simple tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Check out great ways to reduce fuel consumption and pollution with EnergyStar appliances, lighting, heating and cooling equipment, home electronics, office equipment, and more at

Below are a few energy- and time-saving devices we offer to our customers: the Beckett HeatManager, Beckett burner, and Rocket Fuel Level Monitor. Call us at (203) 866-7711 with any questions about these products or any of our services.

Beckett HeatManager

The HeatManager fuel economizer is the newest advance in boiler controls for hresidentialboilers. It works with any fuel, and improves hot water home heating systems. And, it’s guaranteed to reduce heating fuel consumption by at least 10%!

Beckett HeatManager boiler controls improve the efficiency of most gas, oil, or propane-fired residential boiler home heating systems, resulting in fuel and energy savings. It automatically adjusts the burner run pattern to match the system’s heat load, substantially improving efficiency. You will experience lower gas, propane, and heating oil bills, while improving boiler efficiency.

The HeatManager boiler control adds patented, state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to the boiler, optimizing the overall heating system efficiency. When installed on a new or existing boiler heating system, HeatManager boiler controls reduce fuel consumption, wear on parts, flue emissions, and electrical usage.

Make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient today! Read all of the benefits of our boiler controls for more ways that HeatManager saves fuel and money.

View & Download Beckett HeatManager Information Brochure

Your Boiler Works Smarter with Beckett HeatManager

  • Keeps your boiler running at peak efficiency.
  • Saves fuel and money by automatically adjusting boiler output as energy requirements change.
  • Far less expensive than alternative upgrades.
  • Cost is recoverable in 12 to 24 months. After that, you continue to save money year after year.
  • Installation by a qualified technician is fast and easy. No programming or follow-up visits are required.
  • Provides worry-free, fail-safe operation at all times.
  • Works with any heating fuel.
  • Can be installed on most new or existing oil fired boilers and won’t void your boiler’s warranty.
  • No outdoor temperature sensor & no holes in your walls!
  • More even comfort level, since the heat being delivered exactly matches what is needed.
  • Less wear and tear on your boiler due to fewer on/off cycles.
  • Sold by R.W. Beckett Corp., dedicated to the heating industry for more than 65 years.
  • Backed by a 5-year replacement warranty.
  • Guaranteed to reduce energy consumption at least 10% or we will refund the full purchase price of the product.

Your savings assurance… a professional installation

Your professional dealer is experienced with all types of Beckett burners and installations. He will recommend the most efficient burner to meet your heating requirements and will install it in accordance with all local, state, and national fire code standards. He’s the expert that can save you fuel dollars. And, he’ll he there when you need him.

Get oil fuel savings month after month!

A Beckett replacement burner is a fuel miser. Oil and air are mixed just right for clean and efficient combustion that results in a perfect, high efficiency flame. More useable heat is obtained from the same amount of oil you’re now burning, so cut your fuel costs while you stay comfortable. The Beckette Burner actually pays for itself in just a few heating seasons!

A typical household could save $4,500 over the next 15 years simply by upgrading its old furnace or boiler with a new Beckett replacement oil burner!

Check out the chart below to get an idea of how quickly you will recover your investment!

Here’s why a Beckett replacement oil burner may be the best investment you’ll ever make!

  • Primary Control: Turns on burner when thermostat calls for heat.
  • Drive Motor: Ruggedly built for daily hard use and years of trouble-free operation.
  • Flame-Retention Head: One piece head delivers highly stable, intense, efficient combustion.
  • Nozzle Line Electrode Assembly: Self centering, delivers oil to the nozzle, high voltage to spark the electrodes and ignite fuel.
  • Burner Housing: Sturdy die cast aluminum housing. Designed for quiet operation.
  • Fuel Unit: Delivers fuel oil at controlled 100 psi to the nozzle. Solenoid-like valve gives smooth, clean turn off.
  • Blower Wheel: Precision-balanced. Provides air required for combustion.
  • Cadmium Cell: Monitors combustion. If flame is lost, shuts down burner.
  • Ignition Transformer: Heavy duty for continuous operation. Positively and smoothly ignites fuel.

Rocket Fuel Level Monitor

The OEM Rocket 7000 system is an electronic guage that accurately and reliably measures the fuel level on your tank and transmits that informtion to a wireless receiver located in a conveninent place in your home.

Product Features & Advantages

  • Don’t Run Out Again! Can prevent running out of oil during periods of heavy or unusual usage patterns, even if on Automatic Delivery ! Great for our COD Delivery plan subscribers!
  • Eliminates the need to go down into the basement or outside 20 degree day to determine oil level. Simply monitor the receiver LCD from within the comfort of your home.
  • More accurate and reliable than a mechanical float guage.
  • Suitable for both inside or outside tanks.
  • Replaceable lithium cell transmitter battery lasts over 10 years.
  • Multiple receivers can pick up data from one transmitter.
  • The omni-directional transmitter allows you to place the receiver(s) anywhere within 150 ft of the transmitter.
  • Multiple transmitter receiver pairs won’t interfere with one another.
  • Automatic recovery following power outage – no need to re-syncronize receiver to transmitter.
  • Great for senior citizens or a gift to a loved one.
  • For as little as $179.95 you can have some piece of mind.

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