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Products & Brands We Sell

Sono Energy services a verity of heating and cooling equipment. We also carry several leading brands including...

Granby Steel Tanks

Grandy has been the leader in the manufacture and distribution of petroleum storage steel tanks since 1954. They offer a wide range of high-quality products to the North American market – goods that respond to specific criteria of security, durability, and reliability.

Peerless Boilers

Peerless Boilers employ high-quality hydronic heating technology to heat your home with maximum comfort and efficiency. Hydronic heating is the alternative to forced air heating systems, in which a boiler heats air that is then circulated throughout the house with vents and ducts. With hydronic heat, a Peerless Boiler heats water or steam and sends it through baseboards, radiators, in-floor tubing, and other devices.

Check out the Peerless Boiler website for information on their excellent equipment.

Brock Water Heaters

We stand behind Bock Water Heaters as a leading brand in the industry. Bock’s oil-fired water heaters are specifically designed to handle large volumes of hot water. You can trust Bock Water Heaters for their quality construction, efficient performance, and durable operation.

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